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Chill Out! Drink Ideas Using Our Beverage Dispensers to Keep Your Wedding Guests Cool and Hydrated

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With a lot of weddings moving outdoors, it’s a great idea to have refreshments available to keep everyone going. Our double-walled beverage dispensers have a chamber in the middle for ice to keep your drinks cold while you party! Water is a must, but you can also try these delicious recipes for something a bit fancier!

Fruit Infusion

Try adding sliced fruits like round slices of lemon, lime and orange, berries, or stone fruit for a colourful, refreshing drink. Or try mixing in herbs like lemon and rosemary, or peaches and thyme.

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A classic summer treat! This recipe is for a large crowd, and will keep everyone cool and refreshed.

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Rhubarb Iced Tea

This beautiful iced tea is delicious and so simple! You might want to scale the recipe up for a large group of people, but that’s easy to do with only three ingredients.

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Cold Brewed Iced Tea

Everyone loves iced tea, and cold brew is super easy to make. Just add tea bags to cold water, refrigerate and wait! Add a little sweetness with sugar or honey or enjoy on its own.

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Strawberry Mint

Strawberry and mint are a superhero team when it comes to flavour. This delicious recipe uses soda, but infused water would be just as amazing!

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